Chris Joseph's workspace

Chris Joseph


Animalamina concept, design, text, programming, music

Bee, Moolix, Quail and Turtle illustrations

Rabbit based on Jay Ward and Alexander Anderson's Crusader Rabbit

Binnorie's illustrations



Elephant and Owl illustrations

Vocals on Distantin (whiskers mix) (Cat), Generic 145 (Kangaroo), strAngel (Tiamat's mix) (Unicorn) and Fly-by bandit (Vulture)

Cheeky's illustrations

Cheeky (William Logsdon)

Iguana and Narwhal illustrations

Maria Colino's illustrations

Maria Colino

Dog, Gorilla, Hyena, Jackal, Leopard, Pig, Vulture, Xebu and Yak illustrations

Michael E. Crawford's illustrations

Michael E. Crawford

Kangaroo illustrations

Clare Drapper's paintings

Clare Drapper

Cat paintings

Heather Lynne Gordon's illustrations

Heather Lynne Gordon

Cat background and Quail illustrations

Iceni's illustrations


Zebra illustrations

Vocals on Animalamina (Bees)

Phage's illustrations


Alligator, Snakes and Walrus illustrations, flash animation and programming

Vicky Rimell's mixed-media painting

Vicky Rimell

Unicorn mixed-media painting

Dan Smith's illustrations

Dan Smith

Moolix background illustration

Claire Webb's paintings

Claire Webb

Fish paintings

Xenophon's xenimals


Moolix and Unicorn 'Xenimal' programming (version 1.0 and 1.1 only)

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